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Yoo. I'm Courtney. I just joined cause i'm a major pot enthusiast and enjoy educating myself on marijuana. I hate the whole stereotype that if you smoke pot you're a stoner and don't do anything great, or spend your time merely high. There are so many people who stereotype and it burns a rage in me. haha. Uhh, i pretty much can't stand society. I'm actually really bitter when it comes to people's arguements with weed. Not in general, but when they try to argue about something they know nothing about and only have, "it's a drug!" against it. I was reading a few recent posts and enjoyed the discussions and things so I thought may as well join!

i loved the children's book too. the picture's were humourous. people think if you talk about it, it will "cause" it. so i really liked the whole idea of the book.

that's all. go smoke a joint.
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