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Select Committee finds Cannabis less harmful than tobacco and alcohol

A [UK Parliament] science select committee looking into the way illegal drugs are classified, has come up with a ranking of the 20 most popular drugs in order of how harmful they consider them to be, and includes legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco in the list. Their verdict is that cannabis is apparently in 11th place behind alcohol 5th and tobacco 9th. They do, however, class it as more harmful than solvents, LSD and ecstasy (the latter two currently ranked equivalent as heroin and cocaine).

There doesn't appear to be any official comment from the Home Office. Currently illegal drugs are classed into three groups based on the penalties associated with possession or supply, in which cannabis belongs to the most lenient class C.

(Source http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/5230006.stm) - includes full ranking.

Personally I think that there are some positive things to be taken out of this report (which I very much doubt will come to anything) in particular that an official parliament committee has stated that cannabis is less harmful than the two main legal drugs, but also that the ranking of drugs based on punishment is stupid. Whilst it does point out some obvious discrepancies - such as ecstasy's relatively small harm compared its current rating and vice versa for ketamine - I'm a bit dubious about the low ranking of solvents and steroids, and think that cannabis is ranked a bit too high, certainly it should be below LSD, and steroids.
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