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Yoo. I'm Courtney. I just joined cause i'm a major pot enthusiast and enjoy educating myself on marijuana. I hate the whole stereotype that if you smoke pot you're a stoner and don't do anything great, or spend your time merely high. There are so many people who stereotype and it burns a rage in me. haha. Uhh, i pretty much can't stand society. I'm actually really bitter when it comes to people's arguements with weed. Not in general, but when they try to argue about something they know nothing about and only have, "it's a drug!" against it. I was reading a few recent posts and enjoyed the discussions and things so I thought may as well join!

i loved the children's book too. the picture's were humourous. people think if you talk about it, it will "cause" it. so i really liked the whole idea of the book.

that's all. go smoke a joint.
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You can't stand society? Why, are you a Republican?
I wouldn't say im a republican. In fact, i fucking hate polidicks.

I just hate society's views and closed minds.
Society is a fluid and complex thing. It has many views and many minds; some open, some shut.

You shouldn't hate society, - you are part of it, and it affects you. You should love society; fair-enough you can disapprove of it, like a parent might the misguided path of its child, but don't hate it.

'Close-mindedness' comes from hatred of society; hatred of your fellow people. Take cannabis: Cannabis is illegal out of the close mindedness of certain people; certain people wish to ignore and over-rule a part of their society, and certain people don't like or don't want to listen to part of the world they are in. They simply try to control and patronise the people they dislike. This is not good. because that's when those people loose faith in the society that treats them so badly. Those who hate their oppressors too much, end up becoming oppressors themselves...

So don't shut out society because it disapproves of how you act. No, go out there, try to make society a better place, try to be pro-active, don't let society settle itself in further dysfunctionalality. Too many people ignore the parts of society they don't like - to everybody's detriment: To few people try to make society a better place.

The world is all in this together. We shouldn't be sparking a joint and saying "I fucking that this shit-hole of a planet we live on, let us now get away from it", we should be sparking up, sitting back, getting comfortable, taking in a good green puff and saying, "this is the dream... Let's make it happen".
I simply stated I hate society; I am not closed minded because of this. Nor do I sit there and go, "yo, let's roll a joint cause we hate people." I do enjoy pot for being relaxed and being "comfortable". Sure, I could pretend that, "yes, I'm fine with society, let's make a difference" but that's not how I feel. If I feel like saying fuck'm all, i'm going to say it. I'm trying to make a difference all the time, I voice my opinion a lot; not in a bashing way either. I respect other people's opinions in the same manner I would want others to respect mine. Unfortunately, I just hate society... so I'm going to say it.

Thanks for the education though.
That's all fair enough. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound preachy or anything, I wasn't having a go at you personally, I'm just very passionate about the importance of society, and I detest the people who try to tear it appart out of stupid ideas of self-righteousness or greed. (Was also a bit stoned when I replied, so had a bit of a rant, like.)

Although I did get the impression, and correct me if I'm wrong as I may well be, that you consider society to be the mainstream, the media, the politicians, the establishment. It's so much more than that, its the people, its you, its your friends, its the people around you.. and society never has one single view or attitude to hate or to love. There are of course people who try to speak on behalf of society, and preach values that are their own but which they try to make out belong to that of society as a whole. Like radical priests, right-wing politicians and people who own the television networks and newspapers, This is, of course, utter bollocks.

hey, it's completely cool! I was pretty stoned when I wrote my last reply as well... which is why it sounds wonky. haha

No, but seriously, I do know where you're coming from with everything. oooo i know society is EVERYONE; not just the media, the polidicks, etc. And it's not even about the marijuana that i hate society.

... i think it's just natural pessimism.
Pot enthusiast think there fighting some sort of holy war its a stupid plant people. more important things are happening in the world everyday. and know one cares because they don't get you stoned and that's all you care about. I don't care if its legal or not its just a stupid plant I just don't care about it at all, but its like some kind of god to you people, that's what an enthusiast is look it up. and you are all liars any evidence that comes up that shows it can harm you is shot dawn forgotten and any evidence that makes it look good is accepted without question. someone is lying nothing is that good and its usually the one who has something to gain that's lying, you just got to hate society.